What’s being said about Hot Texas Swing Band:

….the Out West Concert Series began with a red hot, packed-house, crazy good performance in June by the Hot Texas Swing Band. After being riveted by their performance in Albuquerque, we knew we had to figure out a way to get them for the Concert Series, and they did not disappoint!
Bobbi Jean Bell, Western Way Magazine, Fall, 2017

I have been remiss on telling you how incredible is The Hot Texas Swing Band. Think of it on the nights when we introduced THE QUEBE SISTERS and THE HOT CLUB OF COWTOWN to you. That’s the league they are in. Female vocals that rival Patsy Cline.  Even for Texas this is a hot act. This is a “shoot the lights out on a Saturday night band.” We do not get many like this rousing ensemble. We need you to have a great Texas Road House night with us so this act will be back on their next swing at The Los Angeles area. This is a sensational act with a huge reputation. 
Bob Stane, The Coffee Gallery Backstage, Alta Dena, CA


What’s being said about Off The Beaten Trail:

Put on your best dancing boots — the Hot Texas Swing Band is out with new music. Having made a name for themselves as one of the best swing groups around Texas, the ensemble has been taking its boot-scootin’ spirit to a wider and wider audience. Their musical style ….. powers high-energy live shows; and, the chemistry comes through on their recordings, too, with an array of jazz instruments and classic country string pickings that evoke Bob Wills and Asleep at the Wheel with a twist of ’40s jazz.
Highlights from their latest album, Off the Beaten Trail, include a Western take on the classic “Cow Cow Boogie,” the bluesy “Cry Me a River,” and the dance-hall-friendly “Headed Back Home.” Whatever song, you’re just one step away from a two-step.
Kristin Brown Cowboys and Indians Magazine, November 21, 2017

Even for those who believe they have no head room for country music this band makes that blend between country and swing to rockabilly irresistible.    5.0 out of 5 stars ‘A sensational act with a huge reputation’
Grady Harp,
Hall of Fame Top 500 Reviewer,  November 6, 2017

Somewhere between Ian Tyson and Asleep at the Wheel, this record is resting comfortably giving off the good vibes of both.  Thought great honky tonk music ended with Gary Stewart and  Hank Thompson?  It's back in full force here.  Killer stuff you just have to sit back and enjoy to get what I'm saying.  Killer stuff throughout.
Chris Spector, Editor and Publisher Midwest Record

HTSB‘s horn-laced western swing knows from whence it came but takes some fresh sounding side trips as well. Leader/bassist Alex Dormont’s bass-baritone pipes are tailor-made for his true-to-the roots originals including “Headed Back To The Barn”, “Snow In Amarillo” and the title track. His writing also contributes to the change-ups present such as the breezy, Latin/jazz flavored “This Time”. Vocalists Selena Rosanbalm and Liz Morphis and all side players present pitch in with solid work.
Duane Verh, Roots Music Report

(They) hail from Austin, and play the full gamut of Western Swing, from jazz to cowboy songs though rockabilly and
even bring in some Latin.
……the band is tight, they all know what they are doing, the arrangements are great and the production spot on. So, if you are intrigued, then this collection may be for you.
Kev Rowland, FRaME Music

Take Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks and add Van Morrison arranging the horns and you have something like the Hot Texas Swing Band….. The title cut is fun and well-conceived and played…."Snow in Amarillo" is a brisk jump tune that shows off Dave Biller's pedal steel guitar wares, as well as Cat Clemoms guitar playing. The highlight of the disc is a swinging "White Lightnin,'" recalling George Jones in all of his glory. Off The Beaten Trail is an evolution within Western Swing, one that softens rough edges and smooths out the craggy places. This is a fun romp.
C. Michael Bailey, All About Jazz


What’s being said about Ain’t Dead Yet

            From the first track’s opening notes, I was aware of a different sound coming from this tight swing assemblage. …. Frequently when trumpet and saxophone elements are used in Western Swing, they don’t go for the big brass blare utilized by the 40s Big Bands….Here the Hot Texas Swing Band flouts it proudly and successfully.  They are also not afraid to stretch, as they do in bandleader Alex Dormont’s track called “Castle Walls.”  ….Some picks include the title track, “Back in My  Texas Home,” “Along the Navajo Trail,” “Bang, Bang,” and “You Don’t Know Me” but it’s all good, as the saying goes. 
Rick Huff, Western Way Magazine 

“…the complete HTSB CD (Ain’t Dead Yet) is an absolute goldmine for my radio show.  The thing that makes HTSB (a) favorite group to play is Alex Dormont’s whimsical writing style and vocal delivery. The layered arrangements of HTSB are impressive.”
Brian Sullivan, Western Prairie Chronicles Radio     

Love the new record - playing title track right now!
Gordon Ames, KERV Kerrville 

This is a new CD, the third by this wonderful Texas band that combines Western Swing, Texas dance hall and big band instrumentation with some top class vocals on 13 beautiful cuts.  
Mike Gross, KSEY-FM, Seymour, TX & KTNK-AM, Lompoc, CA 

…you play a music that I love so much , a music that symbolizes Texas so well ...you are at the heart of the Texas music … you are really a reference in that style .....there is such a good spirit in your recordings ... 
Mike Penard, French DJ 

..… outstanding in their field…..Dormont’s tight outfit has flourished over the last three years ….. 
the band name pretty much says it all… 
John Conquest, 3rd Coast Music Magazine 
Here’s a bunch of guys and gals that sound like they’re really enjoying themselves.  It feels fast and loose, and I suspect was recorded ‘as live’, and that’s what makes it so darn enjoyable. 
They sure do swing on these 13 tunes including seven originals and Johnny Gimble’s tune Junior’s Shadow. 
The band’s originals are terrific.  I think HTSB have yet to make the perfect record, and I’m sure that won’t be far off. In the meantime I’ll be enjoying this just fine. 
Duncan Warwick, Country Music People Magazine, England